Dorsal Centralisers

The issue of excessive conductor movement is well known within the offshore industry. There are multiple approaches to solving this challenge such as restricting the annulus, chocking/shimming and the use of steel centralisers. These approaches have their own drawbacks:

  • Allowing impact damage to occur
  • Allowing vibration to migrate to other parts of the structure
  • Requirement for periodic inspection, maintenance and repair/replacement
  • Poor fitment resulting in costly maintenance and repair activities

Mako have developed the Dorsal conductor centraliser in response to the unmet needs of offshore operators. Dorsal uses elastic polyurethane which is cast on site to create a vibration damping stress absorbent centraliser. The centraliser is designed to last up to 25 years and extends the life of tubulars, guideframes, wellheads, XTrees and associated flowlines.

Dorsal delivers:

Reduced Cost of Asset Ownership

  • Extend Conductor, Guideframe, Xmas Tree and Ancillaries lifespan
  • Eliminate centraliser inspection and maintenance
  • Life of field centraliser system

Improved Asset Integrity Assurance

  • Prevent further corrosion
  • Prevent further coating breakdown
  • Reduce dynamic loading
  • Reduce vibration migration to structure and ancillaries
  • Eliminate point loads through full guideframe utilisation for support

Efficient Installation

  • Rope Access Team installation – Topside
  • ROV or Diver installation – Subsea
  • No requirement for conductor and guide concentricity during install
  • Rapid installation

Patent Application Number: 1915215.6