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Welcome to Mako Offshore

Brownfield assets require time and attention to keep them running in an acceptable manner whilst minimising the costs of doing so. Late life assets in particular must Maximise Economic Recovery in the face of declining production and increasing operating costs.

Reducing the cost of inspection, maintenance and repair activities must be balanced against the safe production of hydrocarbons. Mako provide production protection through Asset Integrity assurance by delivering commercially and technically effective solutions in our three focus areas

  • Centralisers (Subsea and Topside)
  • Advanced Non-Destructive Testing
  • Subsea Inspection Consultancy
Oil and gas wellhead remote platform


The next generation in conductor centralisation - your structure is designed to last the life of your field so, why aren’t your centralisers? Mako provide fully tailored centralisers to assure your conductor and caisson integrity until COP. Delivered from our North East of Scotland base each application is analysed and the solution customised to best meet your needs.